Bahn Fai

Finest Thai Cuisine.

Bahn Fai’s menus offer a selection of traditional Thai dishes from Thailand’s central region, as well as a variety of regional dishes.

Our extensive a la carte incorporates meat, fish and vegetarian options. Examples include:

Starters include……………..

Tom Yum Goong
Thailand’s most famous hot and sour soup. King prawns with mushroom, galangal, lemon grass and lime leaf

Yum Neua
Thai beef salad. Slices of tender beef served on lettuce with onion, tomato, chilli and herbs, tossed in lime juice

Gung Pao Bahn Fai
Giant prawns grilled and served with the chef’s special sauce

Tod Mun Khoa Pod

Sweetcorn cakes blended with flour and fragrant spices, deep-fried and served with sweet chilli sauce

Main courses include……………..

Gaeng Normai
Thai red curry with bamboo shoots and Thai basil. Cooked in coconut milk. Chicken, pork, beef, prawn or mixed vegetable and tofu

Gai Pad ped
Stir fried chicken with pea,aubergine, pepper and bamboo shoots cooked in chilli paste.

Neua Pad Gapau
Sliced beef fried with fresh chillis and hot basil leaves

Moo Pad Preaw Waan
Sweet and sour Pork Thai style with vegetables

Ped Lao Dang
Roast duck Thai style served with red wine sauce

Gaeng Paa Pak
Vegetable Jungle curry cooked in vegetable stock